We are so much more than just a group of dog lovers showing their dogs. We believe that we have the responsibility and privilege of giving back to our community. We have made community involvement our primary focus from our first year of inception.  We work on educating the public on current legal movements that might affect their pet ownership, or veterinary care. We educate the public on healthy dog ownership and how to find a responsible breeder, what to look for and what to stay away from and we find great pleasure in showing off our dogs to educate the public on the amazing qualities of the different breeds recognized by the AKC. We do this through our amazing ‘All Around Dogs’ exhibit at the Puyallup Fair every year.

We take our commitment to our community and our dogs very seriously we find it to be a very rewarding challenge day to day, we met this challenge this year by seeing a way we could provide help to our community in a way perhaps no one else might have been . We were very pleased to purchase and donate the newest K-9 addition to the much deserving Puyallup Police Department after they lost their beloved K-9 officer Chance.  

Giving back to our community and the med and women that work so hard to keep
our community safe was the least we can do for the honor of representing them in the eyes of the AKC and Washington State. We make donations to multiple organizations throughout the year, from service dog training centers, to the Prison Partners program… we are blessed to be able to provide these services
to our community.